Storm King's Thunder

Goblins of Nightstone
Chapter 1

A new beginning


The party was hired by The Lord's Alliance and traveled to Nightstone to help Lady Valrissa with a goblin problem, only to discover the town was attacked recently. As they explored they ended up facing several groups of goblins, before facing the raiding party's leader atop his powerful Worg. The party let a single Goblin go, by the name of Plip. She promised to move north to Many Arrows Kingdom. 

After which the party discovered a Zhent spy working towards overtaking the town. On Corvetto's word they attacked and killed her, just in time for her boyfriend to show up and attempt to sack the town. After a brief battle that sent Corvetto swimming, and introduced the town guard to the party, the village was finally safe again. During a long rest the party learned the villagers were likely in the dripping caves hiding from a giant attack that destroyed most of the village. What the villagers didn't know was the caves were also home to the goblins.  They also learned the woman meant to employ them was dead. The guards offered to double their fee if they returned the villagers to safety.

The next day the party was prepping to head to the caves when a host of orcs 20 strong advanced on the village seeking refuge from pursuing elves. The party valiantly defended the town, again with the guard's aid driving the orcs back and sending them off to lick their wounds. Once recuperated the party left to save the villagers from the Goblin Clutches.


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